If you need fire protection, we have what it takes!

At Firedup Designs, we take pride in our work and are committed to protecting you with the very best solutions. Our team is dedicated to providing quality products that will meet all of your needs for fire protection engineering at the most competitive rates!

Fire Protection Design

When it comes to designing your building for safety against fire, you want a team that knows what they’re doing.

Full-service Fire Packages

We offer the full package of services from design and calculations to foam suppression.

Fire Protection Installations

Trust your installations with an expert in fire protection engineering. We take the time to get it right!

Fire Protection Systems & Installations You Can Trust!

Sprinkler Systems

We specialize in designs in accordance with the ASIB, SABS0287, SANS10287, NFPA, and FM Global regulations.

Foam Systems

We ensure all specified foam suppression systems in suitable for various applications and well documented for fire risks.

Fire Detection Systems

All our fire detection designs are suited to every building to ensure the most appropriate equipment is used.

Hydraulic Calculations

All hydraulic calculations of all sprinkler, and foam sprinkler systems are provided upon project completion.

Ventilation Systems

We design tailor-made HVAC and ventilation systems. Connect with us for a free consultation today.

Smoke Control

Smoke ventilation systems vary from business to business. Please contact us with your requirements for the best solution possible.

Fire Plans Design and Submission

Our fire plans, the foundation of fire safety, are endorsed & approved by local fire departments.  

Fire Signage

We source & install all fire escape & fire equipment signage. Kindly submit a fire signage request for more information.

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